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Pay Up: No More Free Express-Lane Rides for Low-Emissions Cars in LA

Kuehl told the Los Angeles Daily News: If this is about decreasing congestion, it doesn’t. We should simply admit we want to convert this to a toll lane and we don’t really care about clean air. It’s because we need the money. The Los Angeles basin is dealing with conflicting mandates. The federal government wants special lanes to move at 45 mph or faster. But California wants to deal with pollution in all forms, and getting more people into EVs, plug-in hybrids, and the occasional fuel cell car helps reduce pollution from cars. (The argument continues about the well-to-wheel costs of generating electricity and building EV battery packs.) The state’s department of transportation, Caltrans, allows EVs to use HOV lanes statewide. However, just as the US (currently) lets California said its own pollution rules, California lets Los Angeles County control toll lanes locally. There is precedent for ending freebies for users of low-emission vehicles for vehicles such as the Toyota Prius and other hybrids.

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