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Somalia launched a case with the United Nations' highest judicial organ in 2014 asking it to rule on the maritime border between the east African states, saying that diplomatic efforts to resolve the disputed boundary had failed. At a preliminary hearing Monday, Kenya argued that the world court has no jurisdiction because there are two other methods for resolving the dispute a 2009 memorandum of understanding between the two countries and a United Nations maritime treaty. Business 19 Moves That Will Help You Retire Early and in Style For many people, retirement never mind early retirement seems out of reach. Social Security alone isnt enough to have you living the good life during your golden years, and as well discuss later, youll want to put off taking that money as long as you can. Once your rainy-day fund is full, put that 10 percent youre not spending into a dedicated retirement fund. News This week brings another chance for the Federal Reserve to tighten interest rates a notch. At some point, the US economy will drop back into recession. Recessions happen every 710 years, and the last one ended in 2009. Business Australian port sold for $7.3 billion to group including Chinese fund Chinese and Australian sovereign wealth funds, along with other investors, on Monday said they will take Australia's busiest port private for a higher-than-expected A$9.7 billion ($7.3 billion), a sign that tough equity markets are fuelling appetite for infrastructure. The pricetag for Port of Melbourne fell short of the country's largest privatization deal on record, the A$10.8 billion sale of electricity grid company Transgrid to a global consortium in November 2015, but still ranks among its biggest. "Equity markets are starting to realize that they're going to live in an environment where returns are going to be lower for longer, and they're looking for secure investments," Victoria Treasurer Tim Pallas said in a telephone interview.

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The publication facetiously claims to be "Australia's oldest newspaper" and is based in a remote western Queensland town - Betoota - where the last remaining resident died more than 10 years ago. Its popularity, however, is winning over a real audience that rivals some mainstream news and entertainment websites. Some of the website's stories have found viral success, including one article which gleefully baited gun-loving Americans . Other stories - including one about the parking inspector who fined himself - have been reported as fact by mainstream media . Editor-at-large Errol Parker and editor Clancy Overell - not their real names - put Betoota on the map after dabbling in media and advertising. "It's exactly 87km [54 miles] due east of Birdsville on the edge of the picturesque but very brutal Simpson Desert," Mr Parker said. "There's almost no reason why you'd ever go to southwest Queensland unless you were going to the Birdsville Races . "That's the only tangible reason that a normal well-adjusted person would go down to the Queensland desert." Image copyright Betoota Advocate Image caption

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Clancy Overell and Errol Parker, the two writers behind the Betoota Advocate The thin line between truth and fiction is wilfully misrepresented by the two writers and one publisher behind the website. They received praise from a brewery executive for an unpaid article which falsely claimed Australia's most popular beer had gone undercover to win a craft brewing competition . And despite appearing to be mostly harmless fun, threats of legal action from organisations mentioned in articles are not uncommon. At the time of writing, the website directs complaints to the fax machine number for Opposition leader Bill Shorten.