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26 will still be a big date. That Wednesday marks 10 years since Nicklas first started her dream and opened her own business on Green Street. "It's been a great journey," she said. "It's just flown by." Nicklas has lived in Foxboro for 16 years with her husband John, where they have raised three children: John who just graduated from Boston Collge; Justin who is a junior at Stonehill College; and Jacey, a senior at Foxboro High. A stylist since 1987, she spent almost a decade working out of her home while her children were still very young. But once they were all in school full-time, she saw an opportunity to run a full business in 2004 when she and John purchased property กระเป๋า แฟชั่น สะพาย ข้าง on Green Street with the hopes of putting a salon in the old house and updating it. "Unfortunately a lot of what I wanted to do couldn't be done there," she said of the house. "So we decided to build a day spa." It took some two years to complete the project. And she opened with 13 employees, of which eight are still working with her.

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