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They represent the $1bn that disappeared from three banks in 2014, equivalent to an eighth of the ex-Soviet republic's entire GDP. The money was transferred to shell companies abroad, a fraud that prompted months of anti-government protests in Europe's poorest country. The exhibition is the work of artist Stefan Esanu who says he wanted to help people visualise how much money was stolen. "People have no idea what a billion means. It is like saying 'cosmos' but people cannot imagine what this really means," he tells the Report news website . The exhibition also includes interviews with แฟชั่น กระเป๋า brandname ของ แท้ 33 Moldovans on their impressions of the scandal. Visitors to the library were struck by the size of the cash "mountains", each measuring 1.4m (4ft 7in) in height. "Can you imagine what a colossal sum of money has been stolen and how many things could have been done using it?" one man tells Pro TV. Another says he would like to see politicians visit the exhibition, "but they're not interested".

14, 2017, photo Nelba Marquez-Greene helps 10-year-old Araceli Buchko put her hand print inside a giant paper heart as part of the Love Win's campaign's Friendship Day, a social and emotional learning activity at the Chamberlain Elementary School in New Britain, Conn. Pat Eaton-Robb AP Photo In this Feb. 14, 2017 photo, teacher Craig Muzzy reads a story about peer pressure to students at the Chamberlain Elementary School in New Britain, Conn., as part of the Love Wins program's Friendship Day. The emotional-learning program is designed to deal with the problem of social isolation and teach students about empathy. Pat Eaton-Robb AP Photo In this Feb. 14, 2017 photo, fourth-graders Jazyre Guzman, left, and Zariah Thomas, right, create tin foil hearts as part of the Love Wins Friendship Day at Chamberlain Elementary school in New Britain, Conn. The program is designed to deal with the problem of social isolation and teach students about empathy. Pat Eaton-Robb AP Photo 1 of 3 Order Reprint of this Story NEW BRITAIN, Conn. Nelba Marquez-Greene believes the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, which killed her 6-year-old daughter, could have been avoided if more had been done years earlier to address the social isolation and mental health problems of the shooter, Adam Lanza. To help other vulnerable youths, Marquez-Greene, a family therapist, is working with a Connecticut school system on a program to help students connect with one another.

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John Spink/AJC FLOWERY BRANCH The Falcons reclaimed the NFC South title and became NFC champions for just the second time in franchise history. The Falcons, calling themselves a Brotherhood, had a major breakthrough in Dan Quinns second season as head coach before collapsing in the Super Bowl LI in grand fashion against New England by blowing a 25-point lead. The offense soared to new heights and the young, marauding defense made great strides over the course of the season and visit this website 41-year-old kicker Matt Bryant kicked like a 20-something. We conclude our unit-by-unit review of the 2016 team with the special teamers: UNIT-BY-UNIT ANALYSIS Who: K Matt Bryant. P Matt Bosher. KOR/PR Eric Weems. LS Josh Harris. Contract/free agent situation: Weems in set to become an unrestricted free agent. What they did in season: Bryant, at 41, continue to kick well after facing a training camp challenge. Bosher battled through a hamstring injury, but was steady again with his directional punting. He also handled the kickoff duties.

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