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Raymond L. Gover (PennLive file) But I find it much easier to describe anecdotally just a bit of how his charm and humor captivated his customers in the stores, his employees whom he considered associates or partners and vendors such as The Patriot-News. I met Albert in 1988 when he opened a store in Camp Hill and came to my office to work out an advertising contract. But at the outset of the conversation, he wanted to know about a current fund-raising campaign by Holy Spirit Hospital to provide emergency medical services, including an ambulance and highly trained technicians. He wanted to know something about Jim Grandon, the realtor who was heading the fund-raising effort. He didn't disclose his plan but he subsequently gave a portion of first-day sales at the store to the effort---assuring its success. The contract discussion was new ground for me. First of all, he gave a marketing analysis of The Patriot-News, areas where we were strong and those where our reach was not as great. He had an advertising rate card and he had penciled in a new minimum lineage commitment and, of course a new rate. Let's just say I told Albert that it would be necessary to discuss with the owners, the Newhouse family, the rate he proposed. Then came both barrels: "Be sure to tell them I plan to run 75 pages of in-paper ads for the opening and will be putting my weekly insert in the Saturday paper." Publishers are always looking for ways to bolster Saturday advertising. We were able to reach an agreement and I received phone calls from publishers all over the country, questioning whether the 75 number was a typo, if he paid his bills and would he be interested in opening a store in their town. Boscov's Beats Bankruptcy Several years later, I joined a team from The P-N making a readership and marketing presentation at his flagship store in Reading. Assured a screen was available for the slide presentation (pre-PowerPoint), we arrived and got set up. No screen was available. Albert came into the room, was told about the situation, went into the store and brought in a bedsheet and helped tack it to a wall. The show went on!

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Stepfather Wendell Noyes said he told her good night from the top of the stairs. A housemate, Kevin Mullaney, spent that night drinking with friends, one who later denied he was there. July 26: Mullaney returned to the house around midnight; Noyes mother, Eunice Richards, noted she was wakened by the loud exhaust of his truck and a slamming door. He watched TV and went to bed around 1:30 a.m. Meanwhile, Noyes got up to use the bathroom during the night; times range from 2:30 to 4:30 a.m. in interviews with police. Louisia Noyes his wife and Cass mother put the time at 2 a.m. Townspeople said they saw Wendells silver Ford F-150 pickup. Some saw him driving it.

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