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Alabama newspaper group finds success with Facebook-fueled offshoot

Alabama newspaper group finds success with Facebook-fueled offshoot Southerners’ feelings for sweet tea and biscuits is legendary. As one local media company discovered, it’s also apparently quite lucrative. A year ago, Alabama Media Group was looking for ways to build new businesses off its three local papers. It started putting out humor videos about Southern culture. Some of the videos, like one that explored the nuances of the favorite Southern phrase “bless your heart,” racked up millions of views overnight. A new brand was born. It’s a Southern Thing boasts views and engagement that rivals that of national media brands. For now, most of its footprint is on Facebook, where it has a page with more than 1 million followers and a Facebook Watch show that’s averaged 19 million views per episode. The goal is to grow direct connections with viewers, (bless their heart, as some might say), so there’s also a  website  and online store.

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Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling Image caption Gosling dressed up as an astronaut on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show last month to promote the film The movie is directed by Damien Chazelle, whose film La La online shopping sites for electronics Land - also starring Gosling - opened the same festival in 2016. The musical went on to pick up a whole host of awards - although not, notably, best picture at the Oscars. (Famously, the film was initially announced as the winner by mistake, before it finally went to Moonlight). Claire Foy - best known for playing a young Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown - will star as Armstrong's wife Janet, while Corey Stoll and Lukas Haas will portray astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins respectively. The film will be released in the US on 12 October. "I wanted to look at just how radical, crazy and controversial the whole mission was," Chazelle told BBC News last month. Image caption Another of Chazelle's films, La La Land, opened the festival in 2016 "What's the psychology it takes to be the individual taking those first steps? At a time when a lot of people think it will be a failure that will potentially cost your life? "I became fascinated by Neil, and in what must have been going through his head in the months and years leading up to that mission - and how superhuman it was." The opening film at Venice normally serves as one of the earliest and most high-profile bids for awards season.

What’s the thinking behind it? Taus Makhacheva: One of the key things I was thinking about was how we are all seduced by artworks and the experiences we gather from seeing them. It can be a very multisensory experience—intellectual, emotional and physical—if the work is good enough. And it was those kind of experiences that I’m trying to recreate with this whole massive build-up. The space where the treatments take place is like a gigantic face made of Greek sculpture, which has all been broken up and which configures into this broken, destroyed face. I worked with Alexander Kutovoi, a fantastic sculptor from Ukraine, get more info because I had never made a sculptural installation before. There’s one treatment bench with broken sculptural elements and twice a week visitors can make an appointment to be treated by a performer who is a blend of a beautician and a restorer; you become this restored artwork, in a way. As they give the treatment the performer-beauticians are narrating a script written by David McDiarmid, a writer based in Liverpool. This tells stories of disappeared and damaged works, and it also talks about mirror-touch synesthesia, an extreme mirroring process where some people physically feel pain when they see other people being hurt. I found out about this when I was doing research in the psychology department at Goldsmiths.

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